K-Fit 30 One Month Mission #3

K-Fit 30 Mission #3

 Are you ready to accept your life changing mission? Join us for our  K-Fit 30 One Month Body Transformation Mission #3  and get the results that  you desire. K-Fit 30 has partnered up with the best Trainers, Coaches  and Nutritionsist's to create "A Better Life" for you in 30 days. Can  you spare 30 days? Are you tired of being tired? If so, register now! 

Meet Your Trainer Jon Koga

Jon Koga K-Fit 30 One Month Mission 

Meet Your Trainer Dani K

K-Fit 30 One Month Mission w/ Dani K

Meet Your Trainer Chris “Oz” Osman

ChriS “Oz” Osman K-Fit 30 One Month Mission