KOGA FITNESS LifeStyle. Workout. Results.

KOGA FITNESS LifeStyle. Workout. Results.

KOGA FITNESS LifeStyle. Workout. Results.KOGA FITNESS LifeStyle. Workout. Results.KOGA FITNESS LifeStyle. Workout. Results.

Kickboxing & Yoga Fusion......KOGA!

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Our Koga Fitness Formats

Traditional Koga


This is where it all began. In 2001 Jon Koga  combines two proven art forms together aka Kickboxing & Yoga along with signature Koga Fitness movements to form the most empowering group fitness  workout ever. A new art, culture & workout has been born....KOGA! (Many fitness programs include weight training which adds an element of intensity. This format of Koga uses your own body weight to create that same intensity) 

Koga Kombat Kontact "K3"


So it's a heavy bag workout you crave? Get your gloves on and experience the baddest fat burning, muscle toning & de-stressing Koga workout ever. Three killer 15 min rounds of K3. Rd 1 Upper Body, Rd 2 Lower Body, & Rd 3 Full Body attack. "This is NOT your typical Kickboxing class" this is Koga K3! 

Koga Heat


Our slow, controlled & INTENSE format of Koga Fitness combining Kickboxing, Yoga & signature Koga moves into 3 Koga Kata (slow & flowing movements) aka Sun Kata, Life Kata & Moon Kata performed in the heated setting of 80 degrees (suggested not mandatory). A MUST experience as per Yoga Journal 

Koga PUMP'd


Are you ready to feel the Koga pump? This  HIIT format of Koga Fitness will take you beyond your genetic potential by incorporating all of these proven bodybuilding principles: Pyramid sets, 21's,  Negatives & Supersets giving you the personal training results in the group fitness setting. An 8x's Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman favorite. 

Koga Grooves


Are you ready for a legit dance fusion fitness workout? Koga Grooves is guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life with our groovy combination of Hip Hop, Freestyle Dance, Capoeira & Koga Fitness moves all performed to our Krazy Kogasmic Beats. This is not a party.....Its a workout! 

Koga X Train


Its time to "unleash your inner athlete" with this high energy athletic training format of Koga Fitness. Can be performed on a turf or in studio. Combining all principles and skills of athletic training for all levels. We're gonna work your A gility S peed S trength off! You don't have to be a pro athlete to train like one with Koga X Train. 

6 Unique Koga Formats


Get Koga Fitness Certifed In Each Of Our Unique Formats 

Hiring Koga Master Instructors Worlwide 

Koga Master Class Workshops Available 


New Koga Fitness Format Is Here!

About Koga Gauntlet

Is the world ready for a new Koga Fitness Format? Enter “Koga Gauntlet” featuring Phantom Athletics Training Mask Fueled by Jan 2020 Stark No Limits.  Can your body  handle two rows of punishment? If not, this workout is NOT for you. Featured Model Certified Koga Fitness Instructor / Stark Sponsored Athlete Janella Masterson (in photo) This one is BADASS! Enter at your own risk! 

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