Jon Koga

Jon Koga is a highly respected fitness professional from NY. With over 30 years in the fitness industry in one capacity or another, Jon Koga (known as the Founding Father Of Fusion Fitness through copyright  & trademark 2001) developed his Koga Fitness programs with one main thing in mind.....DON'T exclude anyone! As an accomplished Martial Artist, Master Yoga Instructor, Celebrity / Pro Athlete trainer, PT, Health Club Owner and every day fitness enthusiast like you and I, Jon Koga set his mind & heart on creating a fitness program that was safe, fun, challenging, results driven and therapeutic for all participants. Enter Koga Fitness. Jon Koga had the wisdom, knowledge and creativity to know that combining two proven fitness / art concepts which have been around for thousands of years aka Kickboxing & Yoga could be fuzed together to create a new fusion fitness / art concept which he calls KOGA! Through his years of dedication and commitment with the Koga mission on changing lives through Koga Fitness, Jon Koga has created a new workout, art form & culture that is here to stay. Millions of lives have been forever positively changed through our Koga Fitness formats & systems. Yours could be next. Jon Koga is also a worldwide spokesman for children's fitness, senior fitness and the often overlooked area of special needs fitness (Jon's favorite). In the humble words of Jon Koga " When the mind and body are connected as one, the possibilities are endless" Jon Koga