Meet Your Elite K-Fit 30 Trainers


Dani K

One of our nations top trainers with over 30 years in the fitness industry, former professional dancer, bodybuilder, social media icon @DaniKGymAndWellness and owner of Dani K Gym And Wellness in Westminster Md. "What you put out in the universe, you receive" Dani K


Chris "Oz" Osman

Former collegiate Football Player, Personal Trainer, Sisel International / Stark Health & Wellness Fitness Ambassador and all around great guy. Oz specializes in (but not restricted to) home based workouts as featured on your K-Fit 30 program. "If you're moving you're winning" Chris "Oz" Osman Social media at @StarkstrongKogaFit


Jon Koga

Celebrity / Pro Athlete Trainer and creator of the world renowned Koga Fitness Workout formats. With over 30 years in the Fitness Industry, Jon understands the importance of excluding nobody from his fitness programs. Jon is also a Fitness Ambassador to Sisel International Health & Wellness / Stark Health & Wellness. "When the mind and body are connected as one, the possibilities are endless "Jon Koga 

What is K-Fit 30 One Month Mission?


K-Fit 30

K-Fit 30 One Month Mission was born because of the need for a Body Challenge / Body Transformation contest that was legitimate and for everyone. Whether you're new to fitness, a lifelong fitness junkie, professional athlete, a kid or just want to create the best version of you mind, body and spirit then this program is for you 

Why 30 days?

Our team of fitness professionals and medical professionals have come to the conclusion that the mindset of participants will engage more and not give up when told the contest is on 30 days. When participants hear that the contest in 60, 90 or more days chances are they will give up. By really getting them to commit to "only" 30 days we found that they will stay focused and on track while getting results and looking forward to the next months mission. The missions never end. The  K-Fit 30 concept is proven and works brilliantly.

21 Days is our get to goal.

Experts say that do anything in life for 21 days and it becomes a habit. We take that approach with K-Fit 30 as well. Our trainers / support will motivate you to get to that 21 day mark and beyond. Now it is called a "Lifestyle" and not a contest. 

K-Fit 30 Workouts

All of our K-Fit 30 workouts / exercise programs are featured online / via mobile device and can be modified for all ailments and restrictions one may have. As a matter of fact many of our programs (yoga etc) will be very therapeutic for you as well. Let's also not forget to mention that they will challenge you beyond belief if that is what you need. 

Social Media

Due to the social media world we live in,  K-Fit 30 has decided to give you a platform where we all can meet and get the latest workouts, fitness / nutritional advice, support and updates. We have an official K-Fit 30 page on Facebook so please like us there. We also, have a platform on YouTube for those of us who do not do social media at Koga Fitness. 

Our all natural products

Our K-fit 30 team of dietitians, nutritionists and fitness professionals have done our due diligence on providing for you the best all natural, chemical and toxin free health and wellness products that you can put in and on your body (see our Brand Partners page on this website). While the workouts are fun and results driven, we also understand that proper nutrition and supplementation is even more important to your journey. 

How to use your K-Fit 30 Skinfold Caliper w/ Dr. Jack Osman

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